"And while nearly everyone in “Back at the Staircase” thinks they have each other’s number, Britton actually does, with the film turning into an actor’s showcase as a talented ensemble sinks their teeth into their parts even deeper than the characters bite back at each other. Make no mistake, this film leaves a mark." -Stephen Saito, The Moveable Fest

"In Britton’s capable hands, Back at the Staircase creates a pressure cooker that is primed to explode. This film personifies what you might expect when a group of family members who don’t get along are forced to remain in the same space for an extended period of time." -Don Simpson, Hammer To Nail

"This film operates like one big roast of the characters. They tell each other hard truths, truths that are difficult to witness. These truths also lead to character complexity. This is quite a feat based on the limited background of the characters and the compartmentalization of the film’s space... Stylistically this film is a treat to watch. I love films that use selective focus, soft lighting, closeups, muted color palettes and fluid camera movement. These features make the film feel tactile and textured. The film’s style brings you close to the characters and their feelings, which gives their harsh words an extra bite." -Emily Barton, Film Pulse

"There’s some great characterization like this that makes the film feel much more truthful than others that have tried to deal with families. This isn’t some kind of Disney-fied glimpse into a picturesque gathering; these people have some serious issues with one another." -Kieran McLoone, Cultured Vultures

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